How to Transfer Your Kodi Build to Another Device

If you use Kodi on multiple devices, you know that transferring builds can be troublesome. You may think you have to download the same build or add-ons on the new device. However, there is an easier way to do this. In this guide, we’ll show you an easy way to transfer or copy your favorite builds and add-on between devices. Just follow our steps for directions.

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To get started, you’ll need a either a physical or a cloud based storage. Physical storage devices are things like USB drives, SD cards, MicroSD cards, and others. If you have a cloud based account like Archive, Dropbox, and others, those will work as well.

How to Transfer and Copy Kodi Builds Across Devices

  • On both devices, you’ll need to locate your Kodi files. These are at C:/program files/kodi for Windows. For Android, those are located at Device/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi.
  • Once there, select the folders that say addons, media, and userdata.
  • Copy those 3 files and paste them to whatever physical or cloud storage account you are using.
  • No matter what device you are using, locate the kodi files there. Now, copy and paste the files to the new device. If you are asked if you want to replace the destination files, be sure to choose yes.
  • Keep in mind this can take a few minutes, depending on how many files are being copied over.

Now you can enjoy the add-ons and builds you have on your other devices. If you are using other devices besides the ones mentioned, the files should be the same but the steps may vary slightly.

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