Could Not Connect to Repository Kodi Error Fix

From time to time, all Kodi users encounter an error that states that they “Could not connect to repository” when trying to access add-ons. No one wants to see that kind of message. There are a few things that cause this issue, so we’ll help you try to determine what the problem is. In this guide, we’ll go over a few steps you can take make sure everything is OK on your side.

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Kodi - Could Not Connect

How to Fix the Could Not Connect to Repository Message

Here are some of the big factors that cause this problem

  1. Has the repo relocated? With the shake-up of the community, repositories can move or change carriers frequently. We suggest checking social media or googling it try to find the most up to date information.
  2. Is the address for the repository? – At times, typing the address wrong can happen. Be sure you have typed in the address correctly. If this is the first time you have tried to use this repo, delete your address and re-enter it.
  3. Is the repo still around? – One thing you should also check to see is if the repo is down or gone. While some repos have issues from time to time, other developers may have thrown in the towel. Often times, members of the community can help you find out this answer.

Though there may be others, these are the most common causes of the could not connect to repository message. Fixing this is easy, if the error is on the user side. If it is on the development side, you can try to find an alternative or wait to see if it will re-appear.  These issues are sure to occur more as things get sorted in the community.

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