How to Build Your Media Library

Welcome to our media server series. Today we’re going to start looking at ways to build your media library. Now that you have Kodi or Plex Media server set up on Raspberry Pi, we can explore some easy ways to fill your media library with the best content. You can add new content through Usenet, P2P, Kodi, and other popular streaming apps. Don’t forget to convert your existing media to digital format. That includes your favorite films, music CDs or cassettes, family pictures, and more. You can even convert that old vinyl to digital format.

Add New Content to Your Media Library

Have you heard of Usenet? If not you’re in for a big treat today. Usenet is a a super-fast and secure way to build your personal media library. Millions of audio, video and multimedia files are accessible via a private network of servers in North America and Europe. You can download the content directly to your system to access anytime. Let’s take a quick look at some of the differences between downloading with Usenet vs. P2P / file sharing.

SpeedHigh speedVariable
PrivacyNo logsIP tracked
SecuritySSL includedVPN required
ReliabilityCentralizedBased on seeders
Cost14 days free$10 (cost of VPN)

Perhaps you have some previous experience with file sharing apps. If so you know how frustratingly slow BitTorrent downloads can be at times. It all depends on the number of seeds for your desired content. In contrast, Usenet will download at high speed all the time. Instead of relying on others, Usenet runs through private, centralized NNTP servers. This has additional benefits when it comes to privacy. Usenet providers do not log your activities. In contrast, using BitTorrent apps can result in nasty letters from your ISP since your IP is tracked. This makes VPN a must-have for torrenting. For these reasons and many more, we use and recommend Usenet for building your media library.

Go ahead and sign up for a 14 day free trial so you can see the benefits for yourself. Then use our guide below to get started. This is the fastest way to build your media library.

Stream Content with Kodi Media Player

As you might guess, we’re big fans of Kodi. It is one of the best ways to stream new and old media. You can download Kodi for free and customize it to meet your needs. Technical users will want to use the guides on our site to install the latest video and audio add-ons. Those with less technical background can turn to popular Kodi builds which come with some of the best add-ons already installed.

Kodi is our favorite way to stream media. Even so we plan to add more popular streaming apps to the guide in the near future so bookmark this page to keep up with the latest updates.

Convert Existing Media to Digital Format

Another great way to start building your media library is to look at the content you already have on hand. Do you have stacks of music CDs and movies? You may have VHS tapes and old records to add. Don’t forget the family photos and anything else you want to store. Whether you already have the content in digital format or need to convert it, we’ll help you get it added to your media library.